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"Kinetic focuses on empowering business to keep up with the fast moving world of technology. Offering market leading products with a technological edge!"

Kinetic Distribution was established in 2001 and located in Durban, South Africa. Kinetic strives to provide products that fit in with the nature of nurturing the planet, whether it be motivating a paperless society, energy efficient hardware or in the recycling of documents though digital editing. By providing these ‘green friendly’ solutions we hope to encourage our resellers and customers to work towards the same green principles.

Kinetic is fortunate to have a wonderful channel of dedicated resellers to work with, both in South Africa and in Rest of Africa. We have chosen to have an exclusive and dedicated team that we can build a solid relationship with and thereby assure our customers of the best value added vendors for our products.

Our products are blended to create a complete imaging solution through using the best supply channels that we can. These suppliers are innovators in their respective fields. So you can rest easy that we have your interests in mind.